Happy, shiny, sunny, light


It’s a happy rainy day, I’m looking on the bright side of things (in spite of the allergy – soon_to_be_cured_with_help_from_Medlife_doctors! \:D/), eating chocolate biscuits and sipping coffee and reading this nice piece of info about myself (via Tickle):

Christina, your vibe is Burgundy Chic. You’re one class act — the perfect balance of a cool, casual attitude and an elegant, polished style. There’s a certain grace in almost everything you do. It’s true, you make things look easy — even when they’re not.

And while there’s nothing flashy about how you present yourself, you never fail to dazzle most people you meet. You tend to take life as it comes — and it’s not easy to throw you off course. A strong sense of self and a hearty dose of confidence help you handle whatever comes your way. And usually, look good doing it.

I remember I used to have a Burgundy blouse a long time ago… and Matrix eye-glasses that I would sometimes also wear indoors… and chains dangling from my million-pockets pants. Yes, that was me. And it still is.

I’m happy and grateful for all I am and will be.  

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