One sentence


Poti sa spui o poveste intr-o singura propozitie. Mie mi-a placut asta:

I suddenly felt more isolated than before when I realized that my husband and I were in the same house, communicating by Twitter.


For Christmas, my two year old son received two toy monster trucks which he promptly named Comfort and Joy.

Eu cred ca as scrie:

When I heard her story and I realized it was not new to me, I felt so old.


The morning we found out my grandma had died I thought it was ironic that my last words to her the previous night had been: „Sleep tight, Oma!”

Can you write a story in one sentence?

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  1. And when I realized that today was one of those I-don’t-feel-like-doing-anything-today days, I made peace with myself and went on reading’s Smilla’s blog… ;)

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