la horoscop scrie asa


Your horoscope for October 9, 2009 There may be a battle between the old and the new going on in your world now, smilla. The more staid, reserved, and old-fashioned perspective has a strong hold on the prevailing sentiment of the day. This feeling is more than likely going to hit you square in the face as you lean towards a new, unconventional, and more revolutionary approach to life. So out with the old and in with the new. Review past lessons you can learn from and that are worth keeping as you build the future.

P.S. Cand zic „horoscop” ma gandesc la pizza si penne siciliene al forno…

P.S. 2 Horoscopul de azi se potriveste.

P.S. 3 In acest uichend voi vedea ep 2-3 din House, altfel ma supar rau!!

Acestea fiind zise, ma duc sa dau nas in nas cu festivalul de film spaniol.

je vous desire un bon week-end et on se revoit plus tard.

(a warm welcome to my blog to Madalina ;))

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