Azi am ras de…


<Zack`> I wore my boxers backwards all day yesterday
<shea_> haha
<Zack`> And I didn’t realize it until I scratched my ass
<Zack`> And my hand went through the slot and made contact with my crack
<Zack`> And I was like WTF

de aici, courtesy of @1nu


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  1. si asta e beton

    #300391* ↑Good ↓Bad
    I got a spam email about a week back that slipped through my filter
    usually they don’t get through, I get maybe one or two every year
    so I open up the headers and it turns out there’s a yahoo account as the reply-to
    figured it’s a long shot but I emailed it saying „stop sending me spam, asshole”
    turns out this guy is a complete dumbass and actually put his real email in the reply to – emails me back saying „fuck you, I’ll spam who I want” and asking how I got his email and shit
    so I checked the headers again and found the IP that the email was sent from
    did a geoip lookup and got a pretty specific location in london, and found the local exhange from google maps
    and it was kinda out of the way in london so the exchange maybe covered 600 houses or so
    so I print off like 1000 leaflets saying „there is a spammer in your area, if you have any information please forward it to the police” and stuff
    took a train to london, two bus changes to the area
    wtf hahaha
    went round and posted the leaflets through every house in the area
    anyway this morning I get an email from the guy asking how I found his house and begging me not to tell the police
    massive overkill man
    I fucking hate spam :P

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