dirt in my sandals, slippers lost on the roads, motorcycles, cars, buses, autos, bicycles, horns, colours and sounds, dusty trees on the sides, men taking a leak in the most unexpected places, red churidari, flower garlands, stray monkeys, soap balloons and traffic jams, moustaches, khaki uniforms, speed bumpers (fifteen of them).

the adhan between dawn and sunrise, then again after sunset, long hours, views of the world from the 14th floor, hijab, taqiyah, rangoli, white teeth, women carrying heavy baskets on their heads, coloured saris, crowds, hidden treasures, mausoleum houses in Sakahar Nagar.


skin colour


Chandra and Ravi

curious looks, men at work, praying, overloaded trucks, Lord Krishna smiling at you from the back of a bus, writing that you can’t read, invisible worlds.


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