(asa am scris pe facebook, unde scriu in engleza fiindca asa se deruleaza viata mea aici)

I used to find this time of the year in India too violent on my senses. Lots of lights, insanely loud music, dancing, crazy colours, desperate people driving all over town to buy last-minute stuff for the puja, tons of flowers and banana leaves all over the place, hustle and bustle, garlands on cars, ash/vermillion on doors and windows, Durga Puja on one hand, no Durga Puja on another hand, idols with six or eight arms, horns, songs, smells, blingy attires, fire crackers… and all this for what seems like almost a month, incessantly. How can anyone keep going for so long? I used to be very confused between Dussehra/ Navratri/Durga Puja – all names for the same thing, or different things? And then one Diwali or many Diwalis in different parts of India? I can now say that it has become familiar and thus endearing; I won’t ever be able to live it or fully understand it (as I would Christmas or Easter), but I think stopping to celebrate the things that matter and give thanks for what you have is a way to move forward. So happy Dussehra and here’s to making victory of good over evil a global reality (or at least a personal one).

Poze, pe facebook.


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