Pandemie si paine


Dintr-un mesaj pe care i l-am scris unei colege:

Between online lessons, marking and worrying about life, it’s been a month since we last saw each other. How are you doing? I miss you and I want to hear your news.

I’m ok, not quite able to get into a routine because I can’t sleep very well, so I wake up in a panic every day haha. I go out for walks around the campus every day, watch endless episodes of Doc Martin on Netflix, read a lot of assignments that my IB students so diligently produce and yesterday I even went to Migros, which is always a mixed experience – because it feels normal and scary at the same time.

I miss the pre-virus world, when we could touch door handles and hug each other without putting each other in mortal danger! My family are well – all tucked at home and wondering when we will be able to travel across borders and see each other again. I just had this horrible thought that wherever we go we might have to be quarantined first, which would ruin our holidays.


Ieri m-am intalnit cu o colega, fuma in gradina casei. „Iti spun sincer, Christina,” mi-a zis, „eu inca nu mi-am revenit din soc. Inca ma trezesc dimineata si sper ca a fost un vis urat.”

Dar primavara merge inainte, infloresc pomii, canta pasarelele, iarba e verde si eu imi inchipui ca m-am mutat pentru o vreme intr-o manastire zen, unde am ocazia sa ma relaxez si sa privesc mugurii cum se deschid si iarba cum creste. Gaudeamus igitur.

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